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Maple Park, IL 60151
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Water Well Not Working? | Water Pump Maintentance Contractors
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Well & Pump

We have extensive knowledge and experience to fix your water issues, whether it is something as simple as a switch or a more extensive complete replacement.

Our trained water well technicians will take the time to ensure your tank and pump are properly sized to provide years of service.  We specialize in all well and pump applications ranging from residential, farm, and municipal.

Prairie State Water provides free estimates and inspection. Contact us about well and pump installation, repair or replacement or call one of our two offices:  Maple Park, IL at 630-365-4242 or Marseilles, IL at 818-357-8300.

Prairie State Water Systems service truck on-site for water pup maintenance

The Right Pump With The Right Tank Is:

Before a pump repair or replacement we are often asked questions such as, “how often is my pump supposed to run?” or “how do I size a tank?”. Read the answers and learn more wells and pumps from Prairie State Water.

  • Energy efficient
  • Allows for proper cooling of the pump motor
  • Will not short cycle and tear the diaphragm or airbag, filling the system up too quickly or frequently
  • Will not water hammer
  • Full pressure when you want it and where you need it

Quality you can Count on Installed by Prairie State Water

Providing submersible well pumps, well tanks, jet pumps and constant pressure systems.

Contact us now for a free quote on your project