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Well Water Treatment Methods for Quality Water | Prairie State Water
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Water Treatment

Well Water Treatment & Water Quality Maintenance

Prairie State Water’s trained technicians can help you select effective well water treatment methods, maintain a high quality well water supply, and customize a well water treatment plan specific to your water issues. Prairie State Water Systems offers water treatment services in La Salle, Livingston, Kankakee, Grundy and parts of Kendall and Will counties in Illinois.

Call Prairie State Water’s Marseilles office at 815-357-8300 to discuss your private water supply concerns and specific needs!

Get Better Water Quality Today

    How Do I Get Rid of Sulfur Smells in Well Water?

    Iron and hydrogen sulfide can damage your water supply and metal pipes. When iron and hydrogen sulfide levels increase, you’ll often notice hard water, sulfur smells or staining in your sinks. Private water supplies often require water softeners or iron and sulfur removal to eliminate contaminants and improve taste, color and quality of the water supply. You can treat your water naturally with our iron and sulfur removal systems or chemically with a chlorine disinfection service or hydrogen peroxide injections system. Prairie State Water can suggest several effective, economical, and common well water treatment methods to resolve your water quality problems.

    Are Iron and Sulfur in Your Drinking Water Dangerous?

    Iron can distort the color and taste of your water supply. When the level of iron in water exceeds the 0.3 mg/l limit, the water may have a red, brown, or yellow color and stain laundry and fixtures. Iron also gives water a disagreeable metallic taste. When the iron combines with tea, coffee and other beverages, it produces an inky, black appearance and a rusty, bad taste.

    Sulfer, or Hydrogen Sulfide, dissolved in water, can corrode plumbing metals, such as iron, steel, copper and brass and exposed metal parts. Water system piping and fixtures can become restricted, and appliances such as water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines can get clogged with rust and sediment. The corrosion of iron and steel forms ferrous sulfide or “black water” which can darken silverware and discolor copper and brass utensils. Sulfur can also interfere with the effectiveness of water softeners and filter systems.

    Read more common well water treatment questions.

    What is Hard Water and Can I Fix a Hard Water Problem?

    Hard water is caused by calcium and magnesium that are dissolved in the water. This causes scale to form in hot water pipes and water heaters. It interferes with the cleaning action of soaps and detergents, and forms a film on skin, clothing, and fixtures. At Prairie State we buy and custom build our water softeners with parts from Charger Water, a local company that provides quality parts and components. At Prairie State we strive for excellence and quality materials for our customers, that is why we use only Clack filter heads. Clack WS1 high flow heads are durable and yet simple creating a great product for you the consumer.

    Is Reverse Osmosis Good for Well Water?

    Reverse Osmosis is the process to produce high quality water by forcing water under great pressure against a certain type of membrane. That allows other water molecules to pass through while excluding most contaminants.

    Basic RO systems will be located near a sink. A faucet will be added to dispense the RO water. The only maintenance required will be to change sediment and carbon cartridges 2 to 3 times per year. Storage tanks come in different sizes and additional storage tanks can be provided to store a larger supply of water. Well Water System Pumps are also available to increase RO water production.

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    Service Areas

    Prairie State Water Systems offers water treatment services in La Salle, Livingston, Kankakee, Grundy and parts of Kendall and Will counties in Illinois.

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