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Home Well Inspections & Services | Marseilles, IL
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Residential Well Inspections

Well Inspections for Home Purchases & Sales

Buying or selling a home with a well system? Prairie State Water Systems, Inc. is often called to perform home well inspections during the sale of a home or prior to closing. A well system inspection performed by a licensed well contractor typically includes:

  • Location and Structure of the Well – Prairie State Water will confirm that the position of the water well meets state or local codes to limit the possibility of potential groundwater pollutants.
  • Condition and Performance of the Water Well Components – It is important to check the performance and age of the well pump motor, pressure tank, and pressure switch contact to ensure the well system is operating correctly and safely.
  • Well Maintenance – As licensed well contractors, Prairie State will confirm that the wellhead and well casing are water-tight and free of cracks or holes and confirm the water well has been properly maintained.
  • Water Flow and Water Quality – Residential water well system inspections should include the examination of the water yield and water quality to ensure the water is drinkable. Various tests can be performed to check for harmful bacteria, lead, iron, or sulfur.

Once a home well inspection is complete, Prairie State Water Systems will provide you with a thorough report of all our findings and you can make the corrections necessary to quickly complete the sale of your home.

Call us in Maple Park, IL at 630-365-4242 or Marseilles, IL at 815-357-8300.

Schedule a Well System Inspection

    Licensed Well Contractors in Chicago’s Suburbs

    To guarantee that all components and parts of your residential water well system are up to State and County codes, speak to a licensed well contractor. Prairie State Water System holds three Illinois state licenses and are nationally certified in water well pumping system design and installation. Our technicians are trained, licensed, professional, and available to serve a large area of the Chicago suburbs, including St. Charles, Batavia, Elburn, Sycamore, DeKalb, West Chicago, South Elgin, Marseilles, Morris, Ottawa, Yorkville, Streator, Pontiac, and more.

    Well Water Samples & Testing

    Prior to selling a home in Illinois you will usually be required to have your well water sampled and tested to ensure it meets State codes. After well water samples are collected, a laboratory will test them for high levels of coliform, e coli bacteria, or nitrates. In the event that your water sample fails, Prairie State Water technicians are properly trained in well water chlorination services.

    Prairie State Water recommends that homeowners test their well water annually. Homeowners should perform frequent visual inspections of the area surrounding the water wellhead and check for any structural damage.

    We recommend that homeowners keep the following contaminants away from their water well:

    • Pet and livestock wastes
    • Gasoline, diesel, and home-heating fuels
    • Pesticides and fertilizers (chemical or natural)
    • Hazardous chemicals, including paint, solvents, barbecue starter fluid, etc
    • De-icers
    • Any substance you don’t want in your family’s drinking water – including iron, surfer, and lead concerns

    If you have questions about disinfecting and maintaining a safe water supply for drinking and other common uses, Prairie State has answers.

    Call 815-357-8300 and speak to a representative in our Marseilles office about water treatment services in La Salle, Livingston, Kankakee, Grundy and parts of Kendall and Will Counties.