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Water Well Abandonment & Sealing Services IL | Prairie State Water
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Well Abandonment Services

Located an Abandoned Well on Your Property? Let us Help.

If your well system has deteriorated or is “out-of-service,” a professional and proper well abandonment may be required by under the state of Illinois Water Well Construction Code.

An abandoned well can pose a health and safety hazard, and become a potential route for groundwater contamination if sealed improperly or not sealed at all. Sealing abandoned wells not only satisfies legal requirements, but it also aids in protecting groundwater, ensures safety, and decreases potential liability for the landowner. It is required, under the Illinois Water Well Construction Code, that the owner of a water well, boring or monitoring well, must properly seal the well within 30 days of abandonment or when it is no longer used.

We provide well abandonment services for residential, agricultural, municipal, and commercial applications. Our offices will handle the permit application process as well as scheduling the necessary appointments with the Health Department Sanitarian for your county. Once we have sealed the well you and the county will be provided with the well sealing affidavit documentation.

We have offices in Maple Park, IL at 630-365-4242 or Marseilles, IL at 815-357-8300.

Contact Us For Well Abandonment Services!