Well & Pump

mason 705We have extensive knowledge and experience to fix your water issues, whether it is something as simple as a switch or a more extensive complete replacement.

Our trained technicians will take the time to ensure your tank and pump are properly sized to provide years of service.  We specialize in all well and pump applications ranging from residential, farm, and municipal.

The Right Pump With The Right Tank Is:

  • Energy efficient
  • Allows for proper cooling of the pump motor
  • Will not short cycle and tear the diaphragm or airbag, filling the system up too quickly or frequently
  • Will not water hammer
  • Full pressure when you want it and where you need it


Quality Names you can Count on Installed by your Prairie State Professionals

Providing submersible well pumps, well tanks, jet pumps and constant pressure systems.

Well Chlorination

My water sample failed, now what? Often times when buying or selling a home a water sample will be required to be collected and taken to the County Lab. When a sample fails it is usually due to high levels of coliform, e coli bacteria, or nitrates. If this is the case the water supply must be disinfected before it is safe for use.

Chlorine disinfection is the oldest and most common method for private water supplies. It is effective against most pathogenic bacteria. Once chlorine is placed in the well system it will need to sit a minimum of 6-8 hours, it is recommended that it sit overnight. During this time the water supply may NOT be used. Once this is complete the system will need to be flushed on an outside faucet. This will be done for at least an hour to ensure all the chlorine is flushed and the water is running clean. At that point a new sample will need to be taken to the lab to be retested.

mason 919Well Inspection:

Well inspections are required during the sale of a home prior to closing. This should be performed by a licensed professional. A thorough examination of a water well, including water flow, water quality, pump motor performance, as well as an inspection of the pressure tank and pressure switch contact will be done to ensure optimum performance. This includes checking that all systems are up to State and County Codes. Once our licensed technician has completed this inspection our office will provide you with a report of all findings.